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Certifications and Licenses

The Therapon Institute offers five different programs for biblical counseling (click the boxes for more information):
Certified Belief Therapist (CBT)
Available Distance-Ed and In-House
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Licensed Belief Therapist (LBT)
Available Distance-Ed and In-House
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Certified Reentry Crisis Counselor (CRCC)
Available Distance-Ed and In-House
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Pastoral Licensed Counselor (PLC)
Available In-House
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The Amazing Story Behind

Belief Therapy®

Belief Therapy is one of those original ministry tools birthed only once in a lifetime.

Dr. Paul and Jeri Carlin spent 25 years in prison ministry. During those ministry years in the seat of Satan, the citadel of sin, houses of darkness, Carlin began developing his Belief Therapy model. The model was actually developed over a 20-year period using the prisons as his lab and prisoners as his subjects. The question that haunted Dr. Carlin was, why people do what they do when they do it. These prisoners who had become subjects of his research and development were real people. However, something somewhere in the course of their formative years must have seriously gone wrong.

During his research, Carlin studied the writings of the renown psychologist, Dr. Albert Ellis. Dr. Ellis is the developer of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy. After reading Ellis and comparing Genesis 3, Proverbs 23:7, Mark 7 and Psalm 139:23-24 from a therapeutic viewpoint, he concluded that what was missing in Ellis’ belief, thought, feel and action model were Biblical dynamics. Using the established RET model, Carlin added his Biblical components and came up with the Belief Therapy model.

For years Dr. Carlin and his wife used these faith-based, therapeutic, Biblical concepts in the prisons. Certain laws in Texas, however, made it almost impossible for non-State licensed counselors to operate a counseling ministry. Certain words, like counselor, counseling, rehabilitation and therapeutic could only be used by licensed professionals.  Then in 1997, God used the leadership of Governor George Bush to change the laws in favor of faith-based counseling.

The new laws cleared the way for Dr. Carlin to bring Belief Therapy out of the prisons and into the church. To illustrate the 180-degree turn in State policy, today The Therapon Institute is a continuing education provider for the National Association of Social Workers, LA Chapter, the Louisiana Counseling Association, and the Louisiana Office of Addictive Disorders, the Texas State Board of Social Workers Examiners (Provider #2447), Texas State Board of Examiners of Marriage and Family Therapists, and Texas Certification Board of Addiction Professionals (Provider#1512-98). People once said of Jesus, “Could any good thing come our of Nazareth?” Well, something good certainly did come out of Nazareth. People have been known to say, “Could any good thing come out of prison?” It certainly looks like something good has come out of the prisons – Belief Therapy.


Q. Are Therapon Certification and Licensure State credentials?

A. No. Therapon does not issue State credentials and the State does not issue ministry credentials. Therapon is a ministry credential. Our faith-based, Christian, Biblical curriculum is, however, approved for continuing education credit by Louisiana counseling boards. These are secular boards that approve our curriculum. Therapon is a non-profit, independent, Christian, faith-based, paraprofessional, alternative licensure board.

Q. How can Therapon Certification or Licensure help me?

A. Having credible ministry counseling credentials places a person in the category of paraprofessional. With Therapon, you not only have credentials but you have credentials in a specific counseling modality – Belief Therapy. Therapon’s certified and licensed graduates use this mark to announce their association with Belief Therapy and to distinguish themselves from others who are in the faith-based counseling field. While the words “belief” and “therapy” are generic, the phrase Belief Therapy is unique to the principles and actions outlined in Therapon’s syllabus and all other literature and programs affiliated with the Therapon Institute. The term “Belief Therapy” is a nationally registered trademark with the US Patent and Trademark Office in Class 42 (cls 100 & 101) as “psychological and religious counseling.” Credentials give you credibility. Upon completion of our curriculum, you are able to put the initials CBT (Certified Belief Therapist) or LBT (Licensed Belief Therapist) behind your name.

Q. Are lay people qualified to achieve counselor certification?

A. Yes! Credentialing lay people is what Therapon is all about. We have psychiatrist, psychologist, medical doctors, nurses, Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors and Licensed Social Workers who attend classes. For their attendance they receive both certification in Belief Therapy and their needed State CEU requirements. However, the vast majority of our students are born-again lay people whom God has called into a ministry of helps.

Q. Is tuition financing available?

A. Therapon has kept our tuition very low so anyone can afford it. Certification tuition is $290. We do not have a finance plan. We do, however, accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards.

Q. When I enroll, what do I receive from Therapon?

A. You will receive the full curriculum material – the six CDs, five textbooks and complete workbook - at one time.

Q. When will I receive my Certification?

A. You will return the completed workbook to Therapon for grading. If all of your work is done satisfactorily, Therapon will return your workbook with your certification within two weeks.

Certified Youth Behavioral Advisor (CYBA)
Available Distance-Ed and In-House
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